The Importance of Training

No investment you will make in the arena of firearms, gear, etc will be as important as the investment you make in training. Proficiency doesn’t automatically come with the purchase of a firearm or first aid kit.

I could hand you a well-stocked medbag, but if you didn’t know how to use the most basic of its components, it would be worthless to you.

I could hand you a precision bolt rifle, but if you learned how to shoot from a video game or action movie, you might not be able to hit a pie plate at 50 yards with it.

If you look at some of the more expensive training on the market, you might be turned off by it – “I can’t afford that”, you say.

Well, Red Cross first aid/CPR training is a great place to start on the medical side, and the classes are normally $50-60. It’s also solid training from a known entity. Trauma courses offered by some tactical schools will teach you a lot, but the majority of injuries you will encounter as an average person will be covered by the Red Cross first aid course.

Firearms training can be very costly – some courses run into the thousands of dollars. In reality, though, the most basic training is also the most important training. Paying $2,000 to run through a shoot house is fun, but trigger control and weapons manipulation are more important. A good one or two day handgun/carbine course will be very beneficial, and many one day courses are only around $150.

Be sure to research the instructor, though. You don’t want to take firearms courses from someone with an inflated (or imaginary) resume. Unfortunately, there are such folks in the industry.


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  1. Mike W

    I actually took 87GN’s advice many months ago and have completed 2 classes; they’re worth every penny.

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