Bobro Engineering Cantilever Aimpoint Mount

After a comparison test I did between the American Defense and LaRue Tactical Aimpoint mounts, I was offered a free Bobro T&E mount by Primary Arms, a Bobro dealer.

When I pulled the mount out of the box, I first noticed that the mount seemed exceptionally well machined, although the design initially appeared to be overly complex. There are a lot more screws and springs on this mount than either the ADM or LaRue, and in my experience, while such designs may initially appear to work well in the lab, field testing normally goes awry.

The method for installing the Aimpoint itself is, in my opinion, preferable to the vertical split rings of the ADM and LaRue. The top half of the ring has studs, to which you attach 12pt nuts. This is very secure and hard to screw up. From an end-user standpoint, this is actually the simplest of the three mounts.

As I spent more and more time with the mount in actual use, I became more and more impressed with it. The reason the mechanism is complicated is that it is self-adjusting. While the LaRue is adjustable, you need a wrench (though needlenose pliers found in a multitool will work in a pinch), and when it’s properly adjusted, it’s supposed to be difficult to remove. The ADM mount is adjustable for a wider range of rails, and this adjustment can be done by hand, but the Bobro is truly unique in that it adjusts itself.

The mechanism, while complex, doesn’t seem to be weak, fragile or otherwise unsuited for hard use. It’s easy to remove and install with one hand on a variety of rails – in fact, when removing the mount, the arm will swing out with enthusiasm, and I recommend not having any fingers in the way. That said, you have to disengage the “lock”, so it’s not coming off on its own. Here’s a close up view of what I’m talking about. The lever is gray, the lock is black. Installation and removal on a rail is a very simple process.

I’ve tested and tested this mount, and it has yet to disappoint. It doesn’t lose zero and you can attach it to any rail, even one covered in dirt. It’s pricey, but I’ve learned that in the world of firearms, you get what you pay for. This is, in my opinion, the best Aimpoint mount available today.



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2 responses to “Bobro Engineering Cantilever Aimpoint Mount

  1. Mike W

    Wow, thanks for showing me more good stuff to buy

  2. Maicher

    Hopefully Bobro will continue to get more exposure their locking system is by far the best around, only time will tell but I think the more people that actually get the chance to see them will cause them to be #1 in the market.

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