Adams Arms “Sand Test”

There aren’t any lies in this video. The guys clearly show what they did with the weapon. No shenanigans, unlike the Osprey scuba video. However, the omission made is that a standard AR-15 would do just as well during this test, as you can see in this video, which I made recently. Essentially, the Adams Arms rifle was laid ejection port down in some sand, shaken around a bit, and fired. The sand on top wouldn’t have much of an effect.

If the Adams guys want to market their system to serious buyers, they need to a) stop flagging the cameraman, as in the ice video, and b) focus on the real strong point of an op-rod conversion, which is the suppressed, SBR, full auto, high round count market. From what I’ve seen, it’s a well designed kit. They just aren’t marketing it properly, in my opinion.



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2 responses to “Adams Arms “Sand Test”

  1. d30gaijin

    With regards to the Adams sand test, well it is bullshit. We clearly see/hear him close the ejection port cover before laying the AR in the tub, ejection port side down. We can also note the ejection port opening and kicking off sand upon firing the first round, hence the sand test is bogus because essentially no sand got inside the receiver. I’d like to see them duplicate your sand test with their piston conversion.

    On another note, I don’t understand/see what you are referring to in their ice test video as “Flagging the cameraman.” Please explain.

    Thanks, and thanks for your web site. It is refreshing.

  2. 87gn


    What I was referring to in the ice test was that he swept the cameraman with the muzzle of the weapon. I refer to this as “flagging”.

    Thanks for reading my blog.


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