Gear Fixation vs. Practical Considerations

I’ve covered similar topics before, but wanted to address this again.

I saw this quite often when I was working in a gun store, but I also encounter such people at the range.

Sometimes they’re fairly well off, but it really pains me to see someone on an extreme budget do this.

What I’m talking about is the notion that spending more money on a firearm – beyond the point of diminishing returns – will be more beneficial than training with that firearm. A lot of times, this is fueled by the guy behind the counter, who wants to sell you his favorite gun, rather than the weapon that fits your needs.

Sometimes, it’s an HK. Sometimes it’s Sig, and other times, various high end 1911s.

Well, buying a BMW M3 doesn’t make someone a race car driver, buying a brand new Cirrus doesn’t make someone a safe and experienced pilot (but it’s got a parachute!), and buying a $1000 handgun doesn’t make you a good shooter.

A reliable, major caliber handgun with a trigger this side of horrible and visible sights is more than sufficient for defensive purposes. While we all have our preferences, the reality is that practice is far more important than a logo or brand name. Not any kind of practice, mind you – randomly blasting at a target at short range is detrimental to proper defensive shooting. Get some good training from a good instructor, then keep up those skills on your own time.

A quality $500 handgun and $500 worth of ammunition and training will go much farther than a $1000 handgun and enough ammunition to fill the 2 magazines it comes with. If you can easily afford the expensive handgun, don’t let me stop you – but the training rule applies to you, too.



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2 responses to “Gear Fixation vs. Practical Considerations

  1. Mike W

    Saw someone at the range huh? Maybe rocking the $2k plus AR with accessories and can’t hit the target at 25 yards or closer? I’ve seen it. I just shake my head.

  2. ERNurse

    Good post, I am a newish shooter and have tried a variety of weapons…I find no matter which weapon I use, I am better the more I train.

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