A Quick & Dirty Vltor EMod…Mod

The Vltor EMod is my favorite stock. It doesn’t add much weight to the weapon, overall, but the weight is concentrated at the rear of the stock, which helps balance out a muzzle heavy rifle. However, due to the presence of a battery compartment in the body of the stock, the adjustment lever is of a slightly different design, and isn’t as easy to adjust on the fly. It does have its own advantages, but I prefer the “traditional” adjustment lever, as seen on CAR and M4 stocks, as well as the original Vltor Modstock.

So I decided to fix this myself, using a bunch of parts I had lying around. Here’s how to do it. It’s semi reversible – you won’t damage any of the EMod components unless you hit them with a hammer (even then, nothing will probably happen), although you will kinda sacrifice a cheap stock adjustment lever.

Remove the lever from an unused M4 stock body – a single roll pin stops a nut from coming loose, once you punch out that roll pin and unscrew that nut, the lever will come off easily. You may find it helpful to hold the nut in a vise while tapping out the roll pin.

Then do the same with the EMod. Try to keep the spring and associated parts inside the EMod, it’ll make reassembly easier.

Next, mark the M4 adjustment lever – you’ll be cutting it. You should cut the portion of the lever that does not have a hole in it – that is, the part which is at the rear when the stock is assembled. If you cut it so the amount of lever behind the “angle” is exactly the same as the portion before the “angle”, you’ll be fine.

Finally, reassemble the EMod using the “new” lever, in reverse order.

Here’s the final product. Enjoy.



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2 responses to “A Quick & Dirty Vltor EMod…Mod

  1. Rob

    I have been wanting to do this for a while, but never took the initiative. Now that I have “seen” it done, I’ll have to make the conversion this week.

    Squeezing the lever to adjust the stock is definitely a more natural movement than levering your fingers under the lever and also having to grip the stock to adjust it.

    Have you gotten your hands on the imodstock?

    Thanks for the initiative.

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