Update to “Vltor Emod Mod”

It seems that Vltor thought up the alternate adjustment lever well before I did. However, they have no plans to produce it or a stock in this configuration…just imagine being a dealer and having to order an “EMod, Foliage, Mil-Spec, Lever 1” as well as an “EMod, Black, Commercial Spec, Lever 2” and everything in between, for a total of a dozen configurations!

Note that their design offers more leverage in the available space. It’s also at a shallower angle, meaning a reduced chance of having the lever snag on or be depressed by something.



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3 responses to “Update to “Vltor Emod Mod”

  1. mitch

    Do you just call them up and ask for one?

  2. Mike W

    I wonder if I can send the shitty stock one off the EMod to them and get the new one in exchange

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