Heat Dissipation Update: Magpul MOE

This is an update to the earlier heat dissipation comparison between the single and double heat shield handguards.

Today, I tested the Magpul MOE handguards using the same protocol: 28 rounds fired in a rapid manner, with temperature measurements at specific locations and time intervals.

The MOE handguards have a single heat shield. By that, I mean a single heat shield. The “single heat shield” handguards have one heat shield in each of two handguard halves, and the double heat shield handguards have two heat shields in each of two handguard halves. The MOE has one heat shield in the lower handguard half, and no heat shield in the upper half. This might sound bad from a “protect the user” standpoint, but it has many more vent holes than the other handguard styles, and these holes are located to draw in cool air on the bottom and expel hot air up top.

As to the effectiveness of the design, I’ll let the results speak for themselves. I was pretty impressed. First, the handguard temperature averages.

And here are the gas block/barrel temperatures.

Based on the results of this limited test, it seems that the MOE offers a very good compromise between reducing heat transmitted to the user’s non-firing hand and allowing heat to escape, resulting in slightly faster barrel cooling.


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  1. Thanks for the review. I can’t wait for the midlength MOE to come out.

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