Bravo Company 14.5″ Midlength Accuracy Report

Just a brief note… I don’t have a large number of groups shot through it yet, but from the bench using handloads, I was able to fire a number of 1.5-2MOA groups with the BCM 14.5″ Midlength. Those groups were 10 shots at 100 yards.

The smallest was 1.46″ (that was actually 12 shots because I apparently can’t count) and the largest was 1.88″. The load consisted of 73gr Berger HPBTs over Hodgdon Varget. I used a 10x Bushnell scope for those groups. For a more practical accuracy test, I was able to keep everything on a 6″ plate at 100 yards, standing unsupported, using a Burris XTR-14. If you’re more of a 3 shot group type of person, I don’t think there was a single 3 shot group over 1″. And most of the 5 shot groups were under or around 1″, if that’s your bag.

I’m now at just over 650 rounds through this upper – mostly cheap Brown Bear – and have yet to encounter any malfunctions.


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