LWRC IAR Drop Test

I’ve been told that the following information is OK to release. It’s pretty self explanatory. I removed the names of certain individuals, but the information is otherwise unedited.

Land Warfare Resources Corporation
Engineering Memorandum Engineering Memorandum
To: IAR Team
Date Written: 8/8/07

IAR Drop Test – Summary

Purpose: The internal drop testing of the LWRC Infantry Automatic Rifle
was undertaken to determine how robust the Rifle and its component parts
and accessories are and simulates a drop from a rotary winged aircraft at
the maximum height a soldier might disembark from a rotary winged
aircraft or from the top of an Armored Personnel Carrier or Tank. The
purposed was also to find the best commercial off the shelf parts and
accessories that meet the requirements of the USMC IAR Draft RFP.
Testing Protocol: The LWRC Infantry Automatic Rifle was drop tested to
the USMC test protocol to ensure durability of the weapon and integral
accessories and furniture for internal product improvement prior to delivery
of LRIPS for Phase 2 of the Picatinny IAR Solicitaion. The weapon as
tested was 8.5 lbs. The weapon was dropped several times from all
angles starting with 12 o’clock butt down from 1.7 Meters (from the
buttplate) with the stock extended and locked in the 3rd position on the
buffer tube. The surface it was dropped on was concrete covered in 3/8”
plywood. For the purposes of the test, no optics were installed on the
weapon. The first drop being 12 o’clock butt down would test the viability
of the telescoping stock systems in the extended position. The testing
continued dropping the rifle from the 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 o’clock
positions from 1.7 m on the same surface. Back up rear Iron Sights were
in the upright position.
Pass/Fail: Success or failure of any component or accessory was judged
by whether the component was still operable after the drop testing. The
component could be damaged, but the weapon had to remain operable
and the repair of the replacement part must have been within the scope of
practice of a line infantry armorer.
Components Tested: Magpul CTR stock, Magpul MIAD, LMT SOPMOD
stock, A2 Gov Issue Pistol Grip, Latest Generation M4 Stock, VLTOR
EMOD, IAR Prototype Config, Matech Rear BUIS, TROY BUIS (sights are
purely educational as USMC has specified rear sight).
Failures Summary: All buttstocks failed the testing first drop except for
the VLTOR EMOD stock. The VLTOR EMOD stock survived all drops
from all angles and remained completely functional. Examination after the
testing revealed 2 hairline cracks from the corners of the steel locking plate
hole in the polymer. The stock remains completely intact and functional
and the engineering team has determined the stock would not need to be
replaced to serve the life span of the weapon. The Matech Rear sight
body cracked but remained functional. The Troy Sight broke during angle
drops and was rendered non functional. All other IAR Prototype
Components, and the weapon itself were inspected gauged and
measured, then test fired. The weapon underwent 48 drops (far beyond
the requirement) without any functional problems. There were no pistol
grip failures.
Land Warfare Research Corporation


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3 responses to “LWRC IAR Drop Test

  1. Mike W

    I feel good about picking up my second EMOD today then. 🙂

  2. Dave

    And that’s why I’ve owned and recommended Emods for the past 2 1/2 years.

  3. Chris

    My first encounter with the EMod was while handling an M6A2 from LWRC. Though I didn’t go with their system, I did put that EMod on what I did pick in the end (Next Generation Arms). *Superb* stock! I plan to go with them again on my next AR.

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