Fake Tourniquets

Because I’m seething with rage at the moment, I won’t write very much, other than that fake tourniquets, manufactured in China, are apparently finding their way into the hands of American servicemen overseas. These fake tourniquets cannot be used to control bleeding and have reportedly contributed to at least one fatality. They are intended to be indistinguishable (to the casual observer) from real CAT tourniquets currently in use. A PDF file of the differences between the two tourniquets can be found here. Please forward it to anyone you know who is in the military, especially those deployed overseas.

We can thank the airsoft community for this fake product that can cause very real harm.



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3 responses to “Fake Tourniquets

  1. Shane M Nyberg


    There might be a bit more to the matter-

    I’ve got a pair of CATs that have the correct stitching, heat welds and less flexible buckle but DO have a space between the NSN and #.

    The did come in a simple plastic pouch with no paper header.

    So, either China made a better copy after the cat got out of the bag or there might be come actual licensed 2nd party manufacturers out there. OR maybe I just got an older version?

    Email me for a photo of the instructions and buckle.

    God bless our soldiers.

  2. Tango7

    Thanks for the heads-up. I’ll help spread the word.

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