ToolsAviation/PowerPax Battery Caddies

I’ve come across a number of items that never really appealed to me – such as this “Battery Caddy” – before I actually used them. When I received two examples as a gift (during the Christmas Exchange), I thought, “What are these for? Holding batteries? What’s wrong with just having them in a box?” Then, as I said, I started using them, and found them to be very practical devices.

They’re injection molded polymer, and the 4xCR123 and 4xAA examples that I own weigh less than an ounce “unloaded”. As you can see, they’ll hold a variety of standard and rechargeable batteries – above, from left to right, Surefire CR123, TrustFire 16340, Tenergy RCR123A, and Tenergy CR123s fit just fine. Batteries are easy to remove with just a firm push of a thumb or finger, but I’ve never had one fall out or even partially slide out inadvertently. I’ve found them to be an excellent alternative to other battery holders, which are often flimsy and have lids that aren’t very secure – while I haven’t intentionally abused one, I’ve accidentally dropped both examples on hard surfaces without any negative effects to speak of.

The battery terminals are protected, even if you don’t slide them in the “right” way. As you can see, they’re available in a tan color, as well as OD green, red, yellow, orange, black, clear, and “Moonshine” – glow in the dark.

$4.95 seemed a little pricey to me at first, but it’s pretty reasonable for what you get, now that I’ve used them for a while. It’s nice to just grab a “pack” or two for a long trip, rather than having half a dozen batteries rolling around inside a suitcase or backpack.



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3 responses to “ToolsAviation/PowerPax Battery Caddies

  1. great! another sales pitch! These “reviews” are pathetic…

    Don’t forget to delete this message, wouldn’t want an honest comment slipping through.

    • Andrew (Vuurwapen Admin)

      Care to add some substance to that?

      What more is there to say about ’em? They securely hold the batteries, they’re pretty durable, they’re compact. They’re better than any other similar item I’ve tried. No, they were not given to me by anyone who had an interest in the company, not that that would change anything.

      Oh, by the way, as you saw in the About section, a valid email address is required for further comments. What were you saying about honest comments again?

  2. MarkM

    I bought one on impulse two years ago and have tried it in AA size. I find a lot of personal gear soldiers use on deployment to be AA powered – and now moving to AAA. LED lights, small SW radios, CD players, etc will need batts in the field and this carrier keeps them where you need them, protected, and prevents them discharging.

    If you are trailing game late in the evening and the LED light is running low, having backup is important. Don’t trust the red dot to keep going, a pack in the pocket leaves you in the field running rather than on BUIS.

    Drop them in a rucksack pocket, they are more likely to stay than rolling around or slipping out sideways through a small opening. It’s a good answer to the problem of storing batteries in a controlled and safe manner. It sure beats digging thru an entire pack to find just one when you know you had pairs in surplus. I wish these had been out 20 years ago.

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