AR-15 Weight Calculator

One common topic of discussion relating to AR-15s is weight.

Frequently, someone will want to know what a certain accessory will weigh, or how much difference there is between a heavy barrel and a light barrel, and so on.

I have created a very simple calculator – with links to resources from other websites – that will assist those who are looking for the total weight of their weapon. I cannot guarantee that it will be perfectly accurate, given variables relating to manufacturing processes and scale calibration, but it should provide a fairly accurate weight assessment.

It is a work in progress, so please excuse the rather boring appearance for now. More data will be added to the “Stock and Optic Weights” page soon.

I would like to thank (USMC03) and (rob_s) for allowing me to reference the data they have painstakingly compiled over the past few years.



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2 responses to “AR-15 Weight Calculator

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    Terry Kelley


    I suggest Lone Wolf Knives,
    Harsey D2 Auto

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