BCM Sale – Also, a New Source for Small Parts

Bravo Company has dropped the price of its upper receiver groups ($385 standard/$475 BFH/SS410), bolt carrier groups ($135), and is now offering cosmetic blem lower receiver groups ($250-300 depending on stock options. This means that you could build a complete BCM rifle, minus a rear sight, for somewhere around $830 plus shipping – $850 or so if you used the excellent BCM Gunfighter charging handle.

Worried about the blem being too “blemmy”? Well, although the ones currently for sale are marked with a “C” on the front of the magwell, the lower you see here is actually a cosmetic blem. That said, BCM weapons are made to function properly, and all other concerns are secondary. If you’re more concerned with cosmetics, you should probably opt for the more expensive, non-blemished lower group (or, frankly, a different company’s rifle).

I can only hope that blemished upper receiver groups will become available.

Separately, a new firearm-related company has just opened its virtual doors – The Citizens Armory offers small AR parts, and soon small Glock parts, with very low shipping rates. Tired of paying $8 shipping for a 75 cent spring that you lost during assembly? They offer small part shipping starting at $1.75. I’m told that they will soon offer other parts as well, but for the time being, I think they’re off to a good start in filling a hole in the market that hasn’t really been filled before. I’ve seen plenty of people complain about high shipping costs on tiny items recently.


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