Bravo Company vs Ruger: Recoil Comparison Video



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4 responses to “Bravo Company vs Ruger: Recoil Comparison Video

  1. willardcw4

    Great comparison! Really shows the difference between a gas-impingement and piston system.

    Which phase(s) would be effected if you were to add a compensator to the weapon? I would assume the second phase since this is the phase that brings the muzzle up, yet you attribute this action to the BCG reaching the rearmost point. What type of coupling is to be expected??

    • Andrew (Vuurwapen Admin)

      This morning I got video of a Battle Comp on the BCM Midlength. The first phase is essentially eliminated and the muzzle does not have as many down/up shifts as with the A2.

      • willardcw4

        Did you go out with Jeff (LEO Armory) to test it out this morning? Could you post the battle comp video if you have an opportunity?? (I assume you will be doing a review?)

  2. Andrew (Vuurwapen Admin)

    Yes, I’ll post an “initial thoughts” video shortly. I was very impressed with the BattleComp – after being very skeptical before using it and seeing it in use. I was able to keep the weapon on target (200m distant) during the entire recoil cycle.

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