Spike’s Tactical 5.45x39mm Midlength – Video Review




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11 responses to “Spike’s Tactical 5.45x39mm Midlength – Video Review

  1. justin_247

    Being that Spike’s still hasn’t provided MPI information on their barrels, how can you be sure they’re doing it? Lots of builders and manufacturers feel extremely threatened by Spike’s price point and are alleging that they are lying.

    • Andrew (Vuurwapen Admin)

      In the case of this upper, there aren’t any proof loads for 5.45 available, so HPT would be pretty difficult (though I hear they’re working on an alternate solution). As for MPI, I do believe that they’re doing it on these uppers, but without HPT it is of limited value.

  2. Josh

    I’m guessing we really like our new camera lol. Nice review i’m gonna consider picking one up for the cheap ammo.

  3. Erik

    Very interesting- thanks for the review. I have a few ak-74’s therefore a decent amount of russian surplus on hand (thanks a lot AIM!). A couple of questions: I didn’t see this on Spike’s site, any idea when it will be released (and $$)? and what kind of mags are required for 5.45 in AR’s? Thanks again.

    • Andrew (Vuurwapen Admin)

      I think a few weeks from now, so late August, and it should be slightly higher than the price of the S&W 5.45 uppers, which were $600-650.

  4. Mike W

    Love the shirt.woot cookie monster shirt

    Hmmm, might have to consider buying one of these uppers to drop onto my RRA lower that’s now sporting the Spikes NiB FCG.

  5. Charles

    I like that flashlight mount. What is it?

  6. Bill

    Nice review, I’m sold too. I have 3 Spike’s lowers and looks like one is gonna be 5.45 now. I’m all about cheap shooting!

  7. Scott

    I’m thinking of buying or building a 5.45 upper. My ARs all have a VFG, so I’ll want one on this too. So the question becomes, should I buy a free-float rail for attaching the VFG? Or is free-floating a rifle that shoots the less-accurate-than-223 ammo sort of like pissing into the wind? That is, maybe I should opt for the less-expensive drop-in handguards that have the pic rail sections.

  8. Redchrome

    the difference in accuracy between 5.45 and 5.56 ammo is probably only detectable off a bench or maybe prone with a sling. Other than that, the rifle is still more accurate than most people can shoot.

    Even free-float vs. non-free-float is probably mostly detectable only when prone with a sling (where sling tension will make a notable difference in POI).

    IOW, don’t worry about it. Get the cheaper handguard and spend the extra money on an Appleseed shoot. Then decide if you want free-float.

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