Battle Comp Night Shoot Comparison

For the past two nights, we’ve traveled out into the desert in an attempt to get video of the Battle Comp in action. Our first night was cut short by a thunderstorm (and a very angry bull), but last night we did get decent video of the BC and other muzzle devices – the ubiquitous A2, the Vortex, the Blackout, and the PWS TTO.

Ammunition used was PMC 55gr, and all weapons involved in the test had 16″ barrels.

A big thanks to Joe and Nick for their assistance.



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9 responses to “Battle Comp Night Shoot Comparison

  1. Redchrome

    I’m really impressed by the results with the A2. It doesn’t have a great reputation as a flash suppressor, but the reason for that may be that everyone looks at it from the side instead of from the muzzle end. I didn’t see any flash from the A2 on the downrange camera pictures.

    That having been said, I’ve also heard it said that in real firefights, the enemy was able to see the M4/M16 muzzle flashes and only sound-suppressed weapons could fire without incurring immediate counterfire. (Not that sound suppressors are necessarily good flash suppressors).

    I am not sure how to reconcile these two points of information.

  2. Josh

    The Battle Comp really doesn’t have any flash suppressing ability. Although at 25meters the flash was smaller then the tto. Hopefully at longer ranges it would be hard to pick up.

  3. TenRing

    I noticed a high pitch ping on the shots with the Blackout and the Vortex. Is this the “tuning fork” ringing some people talk about with these Flash Hiders? Noticed it only at the 90 degree and shooters point of view, not the downrange shots.

    • willardcw4

      Ya, what you heard was this ‘tuning fork’ affect. It is pretty noticeable (and annoying in my opinion) up close, but it’s a fairly high frequency so the ‘twang’ dies down fairly quickly as you move away from the muzzle device.

  4. I’d say the old A2 is the best bang for the buck IMO. Don’t think I’ll bother with anything else. Thanks.

  5. Waggoneer

    Would be interested to see if there is any difference with NVGs.

  6. JamesF

    I’d really be interested in a semi-scientific test of the Noveske KX3 and the Troy Claymore muzzle devices…

    The main claim to fame of those two to send the sound downrange and not to the sides of the shooter – so people standing next to you aren’t deafened.

    Wonder if you could get your hands on a decibel meter?

  7. Darrell

    I put a YHM Phantom flash hider on my PLR 16 when it first came out (Kel-Tec’s muzzle brake wasn’t yet available). It worked great. I wound up replacing it with the Kel Tec once it became available; the gun produces a huge muzzle blast with it, which is fun in its own way. ;^)

  8. Jim S.

    I like troy products, but the claymore is brutal for anyone near you and in the house it is almost impossible to use. This is the 10″ SBR, but the claymore is what comes on the troy 10″ upper, and i had to have it removed to use it in the house at all because of the insane blast. Tried the troy ME flash sup and it seems to be a little better.

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