FN SCAR Familiarization Video for AR-15 Owners

In this video, I describe the SCAR’s features and how it compares to an AR-15. If you own a SCAR, you might find it boring (hopefully those who don’t own a SCAR do find it interesting). The shooting video is being edited now and will be posted later.



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7 responses to “FN SCAR Familiarization Video for AR-15 Owners

  1. Redchrome

    As always, damn fine video, thanks for answering a lot of my questions.

    New ones that occur to me:

    If the lower rail is attached to the barrel assembly, does it get hot when firing?

    How well does it work with extra-long magazines like the 42 , 48, or even 52-rounders?




    The reason I ask is not so much for the sake of big magazines (tho I like those too!) but because how well the rifle functions with magazines pushing heavy stacks of cartridges is an indicator of how well it will function under adverse conditions. The AR15 only has about 3/8″ of bolt overtravel behind the back of the magazine. This doesn’t give much time for the magazine to push a heavy stack of cartridges up to be caught by the bolt as it goes forward (leading to failures to feed, or bolt-over cartridge jams). If the bolt travels farther (like the AK47 with over an inch of bolt overtravel), or at least slower, the rifle will function with a more sluggish magazine. This is one reason why AKs (including the Galil) will function with crappy 50-round magazines, but the AR won’t.

    Also, how easy does it look to manufacture a charging handle that sticks out both sides?

    Thanks again! Put up a donate link and I’ll throw a few dollars your way.

  2. John Jackson


  3. willardcw4

    Very thorough!!! Looking forward to the shooting portion of the SCAR review.

  4. Ferris2son

    Nice review.
    Couple points…I believe you only loosen the four bolts to remove the barrel, but they need to be torqued for proper reassembly. I’ve never heard of the lower rail coming out with the barrel, but the front sight goes with it.
    The charging handle doubles as a tool for bolt disassembly. It can also be used as a forward assist or slide release.
    Front sight is fully hooded, which bugs some people, myself included. I like a partial hood or “HK type”.

  5. Mike W

    I like the video reviews and the inset firing vids

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