FN SCAR Shooting Impressions



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16 responses to “FN SCAR Shooting Impressions

  1. Bill

    What is this 600 yard match you speak of?

  2. Ferris2son

    Affirm on the 600 yards!

  3. Andrew (Vuurwapen Admin)

    There’s a monthly 600 yard match at TRC. I go a few times a year (it’s very early in the morning, and I’m not a good “early riser”). It’s 60 shots, I generally bring 2 or 3 different rifles and shoot each one for a 20/30 shot string.

    • Bill

      Let us know how it goes, I am just getting into competing as a way to shoot more and I’m up for anything. Gonna do the next ACTS, gonna do some USPSA /Steel/IDPA when I have those days off. Just for fun and trigger time.

      • Andrew (Vuurwapen Admin)

        It’s a fun thing to do, but a little frustrating too. I can stay on the black, I can’t do much more than that – but most of the time I bring semi auto carbines with iron sights. We’ll see how I do with the SCAR shooting Black Hills match ammo and a scope.

  4. MrMaigo

    Looks like a hand stop would be a good choice on the left rail. Keep you from grabbing the gas block, smacking your thumb and support against barriers (or at least pushing too far out)

  5. ZM


    Great vid! Lots of good points. 2 quick questions; Have you thought about running the charging handle on the ‘wrong’ side similar to an AK? I have seen a couple of vids where people are having to run their Larue mounts back wards so they don’t interfer with the charging handle on the left side, any thoughts?


    • Andrew (Vuurwapen Admin)

      Actually, I talk about the LT mount/charging handle interference in the other video – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LwgqQw19ZNc

      I think for a 1-4 I’d buy the ADM “straight up” one piece mount and put the levers opposite the charging handle, for a micro red dot I’d probably use the Daniel Defense mount, for an ACOG, you can flip a throw lever mount without any negative consequences. Same with an Aimpoint mount, no need for a cantilever, just use the “straight up” type and flip it around as needed.

      I would rather put the charging handle on the left, that’s where all my other charging handles are (except for the VZ-58 and, of course, bolt action rifles) but if I had a lot of weapons with the charging handle on the right, I’d probably put it over there.

      I see no reason why an ambi charging handle couldn’t be used – the two halves could thread into one another. I’d use an arm to bring the charging handle down half to three quarters of an inch, and either have it going straight out or down at an angle. Wouldn’t have to be as long as the stock one.

  6. Chris

    Shoot the SCAR16 last weekend.
    The thing was a pussy cat.
    I couldn’t believe how soft it shot.

    Great review 87GN!
    Keep em coming!

  7. John K.

    Another interesting and very informative video. Thank you!

    If I may make one humble suggestion (and I believe somebody on Youtube has mentioned this before): the volume on all of your videos seems to be very low for me, which unfortunately makes it impossible to watch them on my tablet or cell phone, even with the volume practically cranked up to 11. I must admit I know next to nothing about audio/video production and editing so I don’t even know if there’s anything that can be done about that but I suspect others may have the same problem. In any case, please do keep up the great work.

    • Andrew (Vuurwapen Admin)

      I will do what I can to fix that. Thanks for letting me know.

      Edit: I have been cranking up the voice volume in my video editing software as much as possible. But that’s been the extent of my efforts.

  8. Dan

    I would love to see a comparison between the SCAR and a Remington (not Bushmaster) ACR. The SCAR is truly a cool weapon, I just don’t see it being $1000+ cooler. If budget wasn’t a consideration, I would definitely own one.

  9. joshua79109

    Like the SCAR videos along with the other stuff you put out.

    As a SCAR owner I thought I’d bring up another point that goes along with the part where you speak about barriers. With the charging handle on the left a person could run into trouble while shooting with the firearm in an abnormal position like the hood of a vehicle or when shooting under a vehicle (basically when the firearm is laying on the left hand side). In that sort of position I prefer the ejection port up and believe that under certain circumstances (having the charging handle on the left) the charging handle could cause a malfunction if it were to contact the ground, hood, rocks, pack, etc….

    I’m right handed, but run the charging handle on the right. The charging handle on the right corrects many issues for me including the issue I listed above.

    Benefits of running the charging handle on the right side (in my opinion)

    – Release bolt from both sides of the firearm
    – Clear field of view (doesn’t obstruct left eye)
    – Not against me when transitioned to pistol or movement
    – No issue with the Aimpoint and LaRue mount
    – Simple / Quick malfunction clearance during drills
    – Easy to spot a malfunction due to the position of the charging handle
    – Charging handle in the same place as on my shotgun and my semi-auto 308

    I know many folks prefer a non-reciprocating charging handle, but I like this set up.

  10. ERNurse

    Not in the market as yet for a rifle such as the FN-SCAR, but I feel I could make a much better decision after seeing your video. Thanks.

  11. Redchrome

    I’m curious what the malfunction drills are like on the SCAR compared to the AR15. A Magpul BAD lever helps when locking the bolt back to cure a double-feed or other jam where you need to get the bolt out of the way. Can you hit the bolt catch with your left thumb or fingers while running the charging handle with your left hand?

    Also, I wonder how well it operates with steel-cased 5.56 ammo. The low rate of fire would seem to indicate a low cycling rate which would indicate a longer amount of time available for the case to ‘unstick’ from the chamber walls. There’s more to reliability with steel-cased ammo than that tho… chamber dimensions are important as well, and I’m curious if the SCAR has a true mil-spec chamber.

    I believe you did say in an earlier video that the bore is chromed… so I presume the chamber is chromed as well.

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