Spike’s Tactical Publishes Certification Documents

After much drama, Spike’s Tactical has published a massive list of certification documents covering everything from the grease used on the fire control group and the torque wrenches used to the composition of the barrel steel and the testing procedures used on the barrels and bolts.

Astute readers will notice that the many of the dates on the documents are fairly recent, and the certification fuss originally arose prior to that time. Some might then say that the certifications were only acquired after the initial claim regarding testing, materials, etc. However, I was told by Tom Miller of Spike’s Tactical that while he had certification documents dating to 2008 and prior, he wanted to show certifications relating to the actual components used in the LE line of weapons, so random samples of those components were submitted for destructive testing.

Here’s a link to the documents.



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6 responses to “Spike’s Tactical Publishes Certification Documents

  1. Bill

    So now some might stop there bitching, like a dealer of BMC and the followers?

  2. CONKLE73

    The barrel steel certs that were posted along with the 2010 certs date back to 2008 and those were the certs that were in contention…
    After all this drama started Tom contacted all of his vendors and requested certification documents for ALL parts… hence the recent dates.
    Either way, prices haven’t gone up and quality is certified, so I hope this puts the allegations that Spikes was falsifying their specs to bed.

  3. Mortar

    I just wonder if the forum owner/retailer who challenged Spikes to produce these documents will offer them for the vendors he sells and claims are “mil spec.”

  4. Arcane

    No, this won’t happen. This was a really badly orchestrated power play, the people who did it at M4Carbine.net know they screwed up, are exercising control on the forum and are actively suppressing any dissent regarding the subject.

  5. jason

    And I use to love that forum. You could tell many didn’t like spikes as when asked what brand all the usuall suspects were named but spikes always left out. I love my spikes rifle. I assembled from all spikes parts accept the lpk.

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