600 Yards with the FN SCAR and Spike’s 5.45 Midlength

This morning I attended a 600 yard prone match. I took the FN SCAR-16S and the Spike’s 5.45 midlength.

I was pretty pleased with how each rifle performed. More than a few people looked at me funny when I pulled the SCAR out of the rifle case and got on the line with shooters who had rifles that were engineered for the task at hand (and were also far more skilled than I). Still, the SCAR did very well, and I shot a 156-2X with irons (out of a possible 200-20X) and an 87-0X with a Burris 1-4x scope (out of a possible 100-10X). I was shooting Black Hills 68gr BTHP Match ammo, which the SCAR seemed to like. My first four shots for score with irons were 9,9,9, and an X. The wind dropped down and it took me a few shots to figure that out, but was then back to shooting 9s and 10s – and a few 7s and 8s. Obviously, the rifle was capable of more than I was.

The Spike’s 5.45 midlength was equipped with a Trijicon ACOG – a TA11 model with 3.5x magnification. I was using 53gr Russian surplus and shot a 179-3X. The bore was filthy – it had never been cleaned since new, and had had over 3000 rounds fired through it. I was especially pleased with its performance. Next month, I will clean the bore and try again. The ACOG’s BDC was not quite accurate for the trajectory of the 53gr surplus ammunition, but after a few sighting shots, I was able to do fairly well.

For comparison purposes, I last attended the match with a Tikka T3 Lite in 270WSM with a Bushnell 3-9×40 scope. Shooting my own 150gr handloads, I scored 186-3X.

I used a Grip-Pod with the SCAR and a sandbag for the Spike’s 5.45.



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7 responses to “600 Yards with the FN SCAR and Spike’s 5.45 Midlength

  1. Josh

    I didn’t understand how the scoring worked, could you give me the short and sweet or point me to someplace that could tell me?

    • Andrew (Vuurwapen Admin)

      Scoring explanation:

      The center of the target is an X. It’s worth 10 points. If you shoot 20 rounds in the X, you get 200-20X. The circle outside that is worth 10, but no X – so if you shoot all 10s, you get 200-0X. The circles go out to 5, then there’s just “misses”. So the 179-3X means that on average, almost all shots were within the 9 ring, with 3 hits in the X.

      The X is a 6″ circle, 10 is 12″, 9 is 18″, 8 is 24″, 7 is 36″, 6 is 48″, and 5 is 60″.

  2. Zef

    Off topic, but how do you like that Tikka T3 Lite? Would you compare it to a Remington 700?


    • Andrew (Vuurwapen Admin)

      It’s a fantastic rifle, I’d say a little more refined than a Remington 700 (of which I’ve owned several). The action is a little smoother and the trigger is a little better. Some people don’t like the stock, but it didn’t bother me (and aftermarket ones are available). I ended up selling the Tikka because 270WSM in a 6 1/2 pound rifle was not very enjoyable for a 40 or 60 shot prone match. If I had bought one in a different caliber, I’d still have it.

  3. tom

    ..how do you like that Burris scope?


  4. Aaron

    Andrew, did I mention how much I love you?

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