Spike’s 5.45 Corrosion Check

Tonight I decided to wipe the Spike’s Tactical 5.45 down with a rag. I don’t have any photos yet, but I couldn’t find any corrosion on any of the upper receiver components. The fire control group and the safety – which had standard finishes, not the Melonite and Nickel Boron that the upper received – had moderate amounts of pitting. Edit: These components were not manufactured by or acquired from Spike’s Tactical. Spike’s does offer a Nickel Boron plated fire control group – it would be a good choice for this upper.

It’s been just under a month since the first rounds of corrosive surplus were fired through the weapon. I wasn’t surprised at the results, and expect excellent corrosion resistance for the foreseeable future.



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3 responses to “Spike’s 5.45 Corrosion Check

  1. JamesF

    That’s outstanding. I shoot a lot of 7.62×25 in a humid climate and I’m just starting to get into 5.45×39, and corrosion can be a big problem. My current method is 10-15 rounds of non-corrosive ammo after shooting, followed up with plenty of Windex.

    When do you expect Spikes will start offering the enhanced 5.45 followers?

  2. Andrew (Vuurwapen Admin)

    I’m not exactly sure as to when, but the project is in motion.

  3. Erik

    When will the 5.45 uppers be available- or has that been determined yet?

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