Thank You Noveske Rifleworks, and Initial Thoughts: Glock 19 – Gen 3 vs. Gen 4

Noveske Rifleworks has provided me with a cutaway upper receiver and receiver extension tube that have been laser marked at specific intervals. With these, we will be able to determine factors such as reciprocating assembly speed and how much bolt bounce is required to unlock the bolt. I’m very grateful for their assistance.

Also, I’m planning a video review as soon as my voice returns to normal, but here are a few initial thoughts after using both the Gen 3 and the Gen 4 Glock 19 for a little while:

– The shorter profile of the Gen 4 changed my hand position just enough to move my right thumb atop the slide stop (slide release). A minor training issue.

– I originally regarded the backstraps as something of a gimmick (and still kinda do), but the large backstrap moved my thumb back into the position I was used to with the Gen 3.

– The Gen 4’s mag release is easier to use than the standard Gen 3 release but not, in my opinion, preferable to the Vickers extended mag release (which is not compatible with the Gen 4).

– Items such as the Advantage Arms 22 conversion and the Crimson Trace laser are not compatible with the Gen 4.

– The Gen 4 feels like it is softer shooting and returns to the target in a more efficient manner, but there wasn’t a huge difference visible on high speed video.

– Glock’s recent decision to switch to a front sight secured by a screw instead of the old tenon attachment was a good one, and I will probably leave the stock sights on both pistols for a while.

– Both have been quite reliable – one failure to extract was experienced with the Gen 4, though my reloads tend to be on the slow side, so I won’t hold that against the pistol.

– The Gen 4’s trigger is noticeably heavier, due to component changes; however, it is “backwards compatible” from what I can see.

If anyone has specific questions, I will do my best to address them in the video review.



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2 responses to “Thank You Noveske Rifleworks, and Initial Thoughts: Glock 19 – Gen 3 vs. Gen 4

  1. Redchrome

    I normally didn’t have a problem bumping the slide stop with my thumb (old gen2 glock); but every once in a while under stress (training classes are valuable even if you are experienced, because they put you under unusual stress) I’d get my thumb position slightly wrong on the draw, bump the stop under recoil and cause the slide to lock back (making me think I was out of ammo).

    Several minutes with a dremel tool removed the bottom ‘line’ on the slide stop lever & rounded the corners a bit more, and cured the problem. Doesn’t hinder my ability to operate the slide stop either. In retrospect, I would have ground off even more because I almost *never* use the slide stop manually (generally only when showing someone that the gun is empty). I grab the slide between the palm of my hand and 4 fingers and pull back to release it. (What they teach at Gunsite).

    Thanks for the info, I’m looking forward to shooting one sometime!

  2. Mike W

    I have a problem with my hands and Gen 2 interface in that invariably, my thumb prevents the slide stop from going up on empty, so I pull the trigger and get “click,” followed by me yelling, “Dammit”

    Either way, I love Glocks, they are what the body craves, they got electrolytes and stuff.

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