Vltor A5 Stock System: Initial Impressions (Video)



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4 responses to “Vltor A5 Stock System: Initial Impressions (Video)

  1. John Jackson

    Do these results mean you will be changing your “Oh” AR-15 Products recommendation about buffers?

    • Andrew (Vuurwapen Admin)

      I’m not quite sure. The “Oh” products article was based on items that were under $50. The Vltor A5 kit is quite a bit more than that. However, its performance may require the writing of a new article based on “Oh” products in the price range.

  2. Mr. B

    That’s awesome, Andrew! Great vid! I currently use a BCM 16″ middy upper w/ FSC556 (on a spike’s carbine lower) with Springco Red XP buffer spring, H3 buffer, and Spike’s NB full auto BCG (and battle trigger). It runs exactly like yours using the A5 with the heavier buffers and locks back on empty using Tula .223.

    Heavy buffers and stronger buffer springs are the future…thanks for bringing it to us one vid at a time.

  3. Justin

    Long time reader, but first time commenting. I just wanted to say that I really appreciate the more “scientific” approach you use to explain and illustrate designing armalite type weapons that function realiably, and efficiently. Some of the issues you bring up in some of your latest videos like bolt bounce and buffer weight and things like that, are issues I have never really considered before, much less knew the existence of. I have learned a considerable amount, and look forward to learning more!

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