Cutaway AR-15 – Preview Video

Noveske provided me with several cutaway parts, including an upper receiver. Here’s a “short” sample of what I’ll be doing over the next few days. Note how fast the bolt carrier moves – this is a seriously overgassed barrel, but the port is comparable to several commercially manufactured AR-15 barrels I’ve owned.



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9 responses to “Cutaway AR-15 – Preview Video

  1. Todd

    That is the most nifty looking thing I’ve ever seen

  2. Josh

    I’m always amazed how well the AR system works. For some reason it doesn’t seam like it would work well at all.

  3. John Jackson

    Does “over gassing” result from too large or too small a port? Can’t remember enough of my undergraduate fluid dynamics to know.

  4. rex

    Is that little bounce of the carrier normal or is that from being over-gassed? It looks like it’d be hard on the bcg, doing that. Not that it’s life is easy but..

    • Andrew (Vuurwapen Admin)

      A tiny amount of bounce may be normal, but you’re seeing an overgassed rifle. For reference purposes, a Colt 6920 firing M855 and utilizing an H buffer exhibited no visible bounce on high speed video.

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