Direct Impingement Conversion Kit (DICK)

Several retailers have started offering a Direct Impingement Conversion Kit (DICK). This kit replaces a number of moving parts and springs which may be found on piston “conversion” AR-15s. In addition, the DICK corrects geometry issues and reduces heat at the gas block, which can lead to premature erosion of various components. Β The DICK takes only minutes to install and also reduces felt recoil. And best of all, the basic DICK starts at only $9.50! Get yours today!



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25 responses to “Direct Impingement Conversion Kit (DICK)

  1. Redchrome

    Isn’t it a little soon for April Fool’s?

  2. sadmin

    i like the picture of DICK

  3. Todd

    I giggled. πŸ™‚

  4. ntxyankee


  5. Mr. B

    I laughed out loud. Rock on with the smart a$$ery. πŸ™‚

  6. Mike W

    Does it come with a flashlight attachment, the Head End Attachment Device, so when installed, you have DICKHEAD? πŸ™‚

  7. kLewis

    Show DICK some respect!

  8. MrMaigo

    Hmm, the FSB option seems to be the best, but you have to drill and pin the barrel. IDK, I thinks that’s out of most people’s skill range.

  9. Redchrome

    I could make some smart-assed remarks about DICKs excreting waste in unwelcome places, and shooting their contents all over if used too vigorously; but I will just ask,

    When can I get one for an AR-18?


    • Andrew (Vuurwapen Admin)

      You mean the DICK improves gas flow to the receiver πŸ˜‰

      The AR-18 works just fine in DICKless configuration.

  10. Chris

    This post just made my morning!

  11. Jason

    Ok, so….what you’re saying is that people who prefer DI guns love…DICK?

  12. Redchrome

    I saw a bumper sticker today that said “I DICK”.

  13. Redchrome

    Ok, that didn’t come out right. The bumper sticker said “I (heart symbol) DICK”

  14. Paulo

    I really enjoy your post and threads, but your hatred towards the Piston AR’s is rediculous and becoming childish.

    I own an LMT Piston AR with over 10K rounds through it and it is nothing special other than it doesn’t get as dirty. Accuracy is just as good as any other DI AR I’ve ever shot. I don’t consider myself a Piston Kool-aid drinker, but the Piston Hatting is getting old.

    • You do know that this was meant to be taken in jest, right?

      • Paulo

        If I had never seen you trash piston ARs, I would have taken this as a joke and in good fun, but when I’ve seen you trash piston ARs on every forum, it isn’t funny anymore.

    • Did you see my reviews of the POF P-415 and the Ruger SR556?

      I don’t believe I “trashed” either one. Nor do I believe that I’ve even discussed piston ARs on many of the firearm related forums that I frequent.

      What I do “trash” is the idea that one MUST pay a $300-400 premium for a piston/op-rod AR in order to have ultimate reliability.

      I’m not sure what comments I’ve made that you consider “childish” – could you point some out for me?

  15. Paulo

    Examples would be the ones in the BARFCOM Piston section where you posted some comments and were called out for it. Some guys even quoted your post and placed the Variants Forum rules and called you a known piston hater. I’ve also seen similar posts on M4Carbine. And no, I’m not going to look for the threads.

    • So, you have no examples?

      I just searched all 64 posts I’ve made in the Piston AR subforum since its inception. I viewed every post I made and every reply to a post I made (with the exception of the 600+ reply Osprey conversion thread, where I called them out about misleading Youtube viewers about a “test” – I’m sure I was called all sorts of names there, but the bottom line is that they misled their viewers, regardless of what they or their fans thought of me personally).

      I was unable to find a single one where I was quoted the rules of the forum and/or accused of being a piston hater.

      I found plenty of posts where I explained why LWRC sells for more than an AA kit, or what the positive benefits of the SR556’s heavy barrel were, or explained why I liked the way POF makes their stuff, or helped people with issues troubleshoot their problems (without saying “pistons suck lol!”).

      Perhaps you have me confused with someone else?

  16. Paulo

    I checked the forum, but it wouldn’t let me open the archives because I’m not a team member. Either way I don’t care. If you aren’t a piston hater, then good, maybe you’ll do some more reviews. If you are a piston hater, I don’t care. Cheers.

  17. farmboy7.62x51


    It sure sounds like you do care. After your ranting I really think you did drink the kool aid…lol

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