Cerakoted 1911

As I’ve mentioned before, I tend to cause rust on a variety of finishes or materials that most consider to be quite rust resistant.

Last year I finally found a finish that would resist the attack of my sweat – electroless nickel. However, because I got tired of an all-silver firearm, I recently decided to see what else was out there, and found Cerakote.

Though I’m normally the type to do it myself, the price was definitely right – about $60 for everything but the frame, including return shipping. I also wanted to make sure that the application and curing processes were done right.

That they were, for I was quite impressed with the finished product (frame retains satin electroless nickel done by me):

The real test came when I carried the pistol, and it passed with flying colors. Over several months, in both leather and kydex holsters, not a speck of rust has appeared on any of the Cerakoted parts (or the frame, for that matter).

As I expected, it has shown wear – as has the nickel – but this has not affected the corrosion resistance of those parts, as far as I can tell. Frankly, it’s not showing as much wear as I thought it would, so that’s a pleasant surprise – though I’ve only put 800 rounds through it. I wiped it down several times along the way, mainly because I don’t like getting carbon all over my hands just because I picked up a firearm. I noticed that the Cerakote was easier to clean than the electroless nickel. Neither was difficult to clean – the nickel just took a little extra pressure and a few extra passes with a rag to remove carbon.

What was greater than originally expected was frame to slide fit. It was exceptionally tight at first, but to be fair, Jim at Cerakoter.com only had one of the two major components to work with. I worked the two parts back and forth by hand several hundred times before I fired a round through it – and haven’t had a single failure of any kind, so that’s definitely no longer an issue. If anything, the action feels “slicker” than it did before, or when comparing this 1911 to other 1911s I own. However, I don’t have any issues with the slide being too slick to manipulate, even when sweaty or wearing gloves.

Overall, I’m very pleased with the work Jim did. I would like to note that I sent it to him without identifying myself as a “blogger” or telling him that I was going to do a review. This is representative of the work he did for a “regular customer.” I don’t think he could have done better.



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6 responses to “Cerakoted 1911

  1. Bill

    I’ll keep this in mind when I go to refinish my Pro Carry. Though the slide finish is holding up very well and never any rust, though I do clean it and shoot it often.

  2. Ferris2son

    Perhaps your rust problem is due to the humid climate you live in?

    • Mike W

      Ferris2son – I hope your comment is in jest, as the Mod lives in AZ :). I on the other hand live below the Mason-Dixon line and for sure, humidity can wreak havoc with firearms.

      • Ferris2son

        Mike – Totally in jest. We enjoy 7% humidity here some months. You can’t drink water from a garden hose ’cause it evaporates before it gets to your mouth!
        I don’t carry, but I’m sure IWB carry will sweat a gun out tho.

  3. Paul

    I appreciate the variety of posts, and you tend to include well thought out pictures also. One request though. Can you post a photo of where the brass has been impacting the slide when ejected? That for me is always where my DIY finishes chip first.

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