MSNBC Goes “Full Retard”

At approximately 2:50, the announcer in this video states that .50 caliber machine guns can be bought over the counter in the United States, and, along with assault rifles, are the weapons used in most killings in the Mexican drug war.

If we can buy .50 caliber machine guns “over the counter” here in the US – then we can buy cocaine by the pallet at Costco.



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9 responses to “MSNBC Goes “Full Retard”

  1. Redchrome

    1. Get yourself declared a Federal agency
    2. Fill out a mile of paperwork
    3. Go to Scottsdale Gun Club
    4. Pick up your machinegun ‘over the counter’

    Looks like SGC took the prices for the ‘government only’ products off their main website. I think M2 .50 cals were going for about $16K, including tripod and a spare barrel.

  2. willardcw4

    “MSNBC: Your Fake News Headquarters”

  3. Ferris2son

    I’m putting together a Group Buy for the pallet of cocaine. We can use the street profit to buy a bunch of machine guns. ROFL

  4. Chris

    The last time I saw a Barrett M107 at a local gunshop it was asking for $11k. And the boxes of ammo averaged about $4/round.

  5. Jim

    Forks are used by most americans to become overweight and die of heart disease…….

    BTW, I haven’t heard of a single case of a .50 cal machinegun being used in a crime, not that it has never happened, but I would think it is far from common place. Furthermore, I would like to know how many of these NFA “over the counter” legally registered machinegun were used in crimes? Mostly likely not NFA registered machineguns obtained legally.

    Masses are Asses

  6. Chris

    I also recall a news article that was run on TV that was basically, “Oh my God, you can legally own a 40mm grenade launcher!” Not mentioned was the lengthy legal process or the high cost needed to not only acquire one but to, “keep it fed.”

  7. MrSatyre

    I’ve GOT to start shopping where he shops!

  8. Derek

    Andrew you didn’t get a .50 cal last year at Walmart’s Black Friday sale?

  9. Zef

    I guess they don’t want us to see the “news” clip in Iraq:

    “Due to usage restrictions, we are unable to provide this video”

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