FN SCAR-16S High Speed Close Up

Only about two months after it was promised to a few people.



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10 responses to “FN SCAR-16S High Speed Close Up

  1. MarkM

    Observers, please note the puffs of gas coming out of the chamber after extraction. There is residual gas pressure in the barrel that exhausts from the chamber fouling the action as it builds up.

    All reciprocating actions do that – DI, piston, roller lock, blow back, or recoil. Hand operated actions will do it too, if cycled quickly enough.

    Just sayin’.

  2. Thanks for the video. I could not tell if there was a slight bounce on the third shot as the black bolt carrier did not have enough contrast for me to see clearly on my computer.

  3. Bill

    Any chance this can be slowed further like your tests on various buffer weights?

  4. Mr. B

    Great video, Andrew. Were you shooting NATO pressure ammo or .223?

  5. Moose

    Is it just me, or does the charging handle/carrier group not cycle the same distance every time?

  6. MarkM

    Only blowback unlocked actions suffer direct gas pressure. All locked and timed actions prevent that precisely because they are locked, and timed. Extraction cannot happen until pressure is reduced enough to keep from battering the action. That happens after the bullet leaves the barrel.

    No doubt Andrew has that video on his todo list some day. Catching the bullet as it exits the barrel, while showing gas exhausting from the bolt carrier ports while the breech is still locked would be very educational. That would be even better with the cutaway upper he now has.

    All auto loading actions take a dump in the chamber. It’s the nature of malicious misinformation to make it sound like only one in particular suffers from it, and that comment can be traced back to a specific agenda, not an open minded analysis of what is really happening.

    I’ve never shot a piston gun that ejected clean brass and kept the bolt face immaculate.

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