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  1. FrankSL

    Good job! I think the dark backgrounds look better.

    The ones with the light background seem a bit overexposed.

    Keep up the good, innovative AR blogging.

  2. Zef

    One of each sir!

  3. Bill

    You and other firearms photographers have inspired me. Though I have a cheap camera and not so great lighting, I will try my hand at better firearm photography this weekend.

  4. Brandon

    Good pictures.
    I like the looks and price of the new Rainier barrels.
    Also, I have the same FNP-45 youre reviewing. I love mine. No problems so far. However, apparently the WWB from Wal-Mart has problems in the magazine. My friend had to send his mags back to FN for repair or replacement.

  5. HM Dake

    The more I see of the FNP-45s, the more I want one. Wonderfully done pictures like this one aren’t helping my yearning:)

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