Sionics Carbine Followup

I’ve been working on a lot of stuff lately, and will post some of that “stuff” soon, but I need to take care of a number of reviews or comments that I should have posted months or weeks ago first. One of those items is a followup to the Sionics carbine “initial look.”

Basically, the Sionics carbine is built with Daniel Defense components on non-DD upper and lower receivers that are selected to have a tight fit and nice appearance. I was loaned one for T&E last month.

I filmed a decent amount of video while shooting it (including some comparisons between various stances and “holds” using high speed video), but am still having issues with my computer overheating when processing video. I’ll have to post that on Youtube later.

Until then, the bottom line is that the Sionics carbine worked without a hitch, though the total round count was just under 200. I used Wolf, Silver Bear, my own handloads, and some Federal XM193. The weapon was already sighted in, so I spent all of my time and ammunition shooting at a steel plate about 180 yards away. “Sub-MOA” accuracy isn’t required for that, but consistently hitting the plate was a very easy task.

As I’ve mentioned in other reviews, I like weapons that have appropriately sized gas ports. The general perception of how a midlength shoots versus how a carbine shoots (that is, the perception of less recoil with the midlength) approaches the region of splitting hairs when you’re working with a carbine that has a properly sized gas port and a heavy buffer. The Sionics carbine was no exception, and I found it to stay on target between shots just as well as any other similar M4-type carbine.

I am mostly concerned with how well a weapon is able to put rounds on target, but I do know that a significant number of AR-15 owners (perhaps better referred to as a “vocal minority”) value fit and finish as highly as they do function. I don’t have any complaints about how the carbine worked – and I don’t think there would be many complaints from the “vocal minority” about how it looked, either.



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3 responses to “Sionics Carbine Followup

  1. JamesF

    How handy are you with DIY computer stuff? Have you tried cleaning your heat sink and CPU and then reapplying the correct amount of quality thermal grease?

  2. JamesF

    If you need to monitor temps before and after reapplying the thermal grease (to see if it made any difference) Real Temp ( is a good program that will track min and max temps for each core, as well as how much “headroom” you have left on each core.

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