77-Year-Old Mexican Ranch Owner Dies Defending Home from Cartel Gunmen

When Mexican Marines arrived at the San Jose Ranch, 15 kilometers from Victoria, Tamaulipas, the scene was bleak: The austere main house was practically destroyed by grenades and heavy gunfire.

Outside of the home, they found four bodies. Cautiously, and with their weapons drawn, the troops continued inspecting the exterior and found two more gunmen, wounded and unconscious, but alive.

Inside the house only one body was found, riddled with bullets and with two weapons by it’s side. The body was identified as Don Alejo Garza Tamez, the owner of the ranch and a highly respected businessman in Nuevo Leon…

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6 responses to “77-Year-Old Mexican Ranch Owner Dies Defending Home from Cartel Gunmen

  1. MrSatyre

    He’s a hero, no doubt about it. I hope his fellow Mexicans take heart from his courageous last stand and refuse to bow down to those thugs.

  2. John Jackson

    I would like to have known this man who believed what Zapata said, “It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.”

  3. Now that was a man who had a pair.

    And a plan, would that he had at least one back up.

  4. 67mustang

    Courageous. If only more would stand and fight. I’m not suggesting they commit suicide, but stand together.

  5. Mike

    A man with a rifle is free. Tyrants attack him at their peril.

    I’m going to have to have a tequila in his honor this weekend. Senor Tamez, you will not be forgotten.

    If only he could have had an AR or three…

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