Spinoff Blog

Rather than post my political musings on this technically-oriented blog as I have done in the past, I’ve created a new blog for that subject. It’s called Don’t Tax Me, Bro.

This way, I can remain focused on why I created Vuurwapen Blog, and not offend or turn away some people who might be interested in firearms and gear but not my political opinions.



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3 responses to “Spinoff Blog

  1. SoulTown

    As a liberal and a dedicated reader of this blog, I applaud the decision.

  2. G3Ken

    Solid idea. That way you can’t turn anyone off. Why would you call it “Don’t tax me, bro”? Does it mean you don’t like being taxed? Our wonderful veep would say that you’re unpatriotic because, after all, paying taxes is the patriotic thing to do.

    Guess the dope never read any history texts, because taxation has been the cause of much patriotic conflict. Look forward to reading your musings. If it’s anywhere near the quality of your gun blog, it’ll be a nice read.

    • John K.

      Ken, I believe the title is a play on the “Don’t tase me, bro” incident at the University of Florida a few years back.

      And please do keep up the good work, Andrew.

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