Full Auto Fun – Er, Testing

Two quiet, unassuming gentlemen arrived at the range with some serious hardware while I was shooting. Naturally, I pestered them until they let me shoot one of my uppers on a Colt M16 lower.

I was able to take a fair amount of high speed video, which I will be processing a bit at a time…here are two short clips…



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4 responses to “Full Auto Fun – Er, Testing

  1. Mike W

    yes, i have wood. looking forward to the vids

  2. Mr. B

    I’m intrigued by the Enidine buffer’s smoothness at the end of it’s travel.

    I’d be interested to see it compared to an H3 w/ the Tubbs spring. Either way, this is amazing footage. I’m chomping at the bit to see more. Great job, Andrew!

  3. MarkM

    Funny, I thought I saw the Enidine bouncing the bolt more. I’ll watch it more closely.

    I took it as the Tubbs spring making a difference, but like was asked, the combinations have to be viewed to sort it out.

    Many thanks to the patient owners for using their lowers, and Andrew for his continued research.

    These videos always bring out something to be learned, a lot of which would be proprietary due to the tech and expense of discovery. We live in the happy time of having the means and opportunity to do this. I suspect the interested AR owner has more detailed info at his fingertips now than the early Ordnance testers considering adoption.

    What would be really interesting to know is whether bolt bounce even means anything. We speculate it, but does that actually pan out in use?

  4. Chris

    Cool vid. Over the break I was able to do some side-by-side double and tripple taps between my MP168 SPC and a friend’s CMMG middy. Both are outfitted with this buffer system, but mine was still bucking around less during rapid fire. Mine however is fitted with the FCS556 brake while his is a Smith Ent. model if that makes such a huge diff. Also, all my internal parts are ceramic coated which may be subtly adding to the smoothness in operation.

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