Mega Billet Receiver Set

Rainier Arms has kindly provided me with a Mega billet receiver set. I’m still gathering the components for a build, but my initial impressions are very positive. I can appreciate fine craftsmanship, whether it’s with a CNC machine or a whittling knife. These receivers are exceptionally well made.



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6 responses to “Mega Billet Receiver Set

  1. How’s the fit between the two receiver halves? This combo piqued my interest for my next build.

    • There’s a little play, but the lower has a delrin-tipped setscrew that you can tighten against the takedown pin if you so desire. This allows you to adjust how tight the fit between the upper and lower is.

      • You’ve handled orders of magnitude more AR-15s than me. How common is it for the upper and lower to lock up like a bank vault? There’s zero play between my LaRue upper and lower but some wiggle between my Rock River combo.

    • That really depends on the manufacturer. Companies like LaRue pride themselves on a tight fit. RRA is generally pretty tight as well. If the company does not spend time matching the upper and lower, fit can be anywhere from tight to loose, depending on the exact dimensions of the upper and lower. Generally, a really tight fit with two random receivers is not all that common.

  2. Bill

    I have great res

    • Bill

      Sorry – messed up trying to comment from a mobile device.

      I have great respect for Mega. I own two of their matched upper and lowers and recommend it highly. Their teflon-like finish beats a lot of competitors (easy to wipe off that excess CLP without a lot of smudging).

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