Deputy Hit With 30 Second Taser “Ride” – With a Twist

This is a pretty incredible video. Most of the time when we see someone hit with a Taser, they lock up, fall to the ground, and are unable to do anything but scream or moan. This sheriff’s deputy from Washington is hit with a 30 second Taser blast from the C2, which is commonly available to non-law enforcement personnel, but manages to draw and fire his Beretta sidearm six times at a target a few yards away, hitting it five times.

It’s an important demonstration for anyone who uses a Taser – both to warn you about some people being able to partially function during the “ride” and to let you know that you might be able to partially function during the “ride” if you are ever disarmed of your Taser. I think the latter is more important to law enforcement officers – I have no stats to back this up, but my feeling is that not many “regular people” carry both a Taser and a firearm. I’m sure they’re out there, though.

As for the former point, I believe that the Taser C2 was designed to be used and dropped so that the user could escape the immediate danger during that 30 seconds. If (as a private citizen) you manage to tase an armed assailant, I wouldn’t advise sticking around to see if he is as capable as Deputy Montelongo.



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4 responses to “Deputy Hit With 30 Second Taser “Ride” – With a Twist

  1. Curtis

    That’s why I carry and fire my Taser on the left side and handgun on the right. Just in case.

  2. Mr Maigo

    Taser does say to drop it and run

  3. TxSoldier

    Yes, that is the purpose of the Taser C2, use and run. When I went through the academy, our Taser instructor made that part of the course. Those of us who were required to actually be “shot” not drive stunned with the Taser were supposed to attempt to reach for and draw their red gun from their duty holster. Not a single individual out of the 40+ in the class could draw their weapon. I believe people like that Deputy are VERY few and far between, but certainly always something that needs to be remembered.

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