Hold On, the Deals are Coming

At last year’s SAR West gun show, Vltor sold Modstocks for $50. Several months later, Modstocks were $50 at many retailers.

At this year’s show, Modstocks were $30. Some – like Foliage and FDE – were $25. CASV-ELXs and CASV-MXs – basically CASV handguards with only one add-on rail – were $160. Could similar prices be coming on a larger scale, like last year? I have no idea.

LMT was also selling stuff at a steep discount, including Gen II SOPMOD stocks in FDE for $100, complete lowers for $220, complete uppers for $500, and complete MRP (monolithic) uppers for $1000. Some of this stuff was demo/cosmetic seconds, but who cares? If you’re looking to buy a SOPMOD, I hope you actually use it.

On the ammo front, .223 Wolf was $169/1000 rounds – with no obvious consumer rush in sight, but a decent sales pace was observed – and I picked up a 500 round case of “white box” packed Winchester .40 S&W 180gr bonded hollow points (aka PDX1) for $119. That’s about 1/3-1/4 the price I paid per round for PDX1 at a local sporting goods store – or pretty comparable to a “good buy” on .40 S&W FMJ ammo.

This isn’t to say that everyone has caught on. I went looking for Enfields, and only saw two below $300 – one had genuine Afghan handmade parts. No thanks! I never saw stripped AR-15 lowers below $100 ($80 plus a $20 “transfer fee”).

But when we take the real deals observed at the show and combine them with things like the reduced prices on Spikes and BCM uppers, the smartgunner.com DD upper deal, the $599 S&W ARs that CDNN was selling, and so on – I think prices are going to come down even more in the next six months. If you’ve got any money left, this is a good market to be in.



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2 responses to “Hold On, the Deals are Coming

  1. jdun1911

    Where can I get a Gen II SOPMOD stocks for $100. I’ll pick that up in a heart beat!

    Keep us inform on all the deal you find!


  2. Aaron

    I would love links to these deals.

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