Bushmaster .308 ORC – A2 vs. PWS FSC30 (Now Longer and With More SCAR)

Among the hours spent at the range today on half a dozen different projects, I shot the Orca with a PWS FSC30 attached. It doesn’t look like a huge difference on video, but the muzzle stayed on target instead of dipping, and I didn’t notice as much of a shove, recoil-wise, as I did with the A2.

I noticed with both the SCAR-17S (which uses the same device) and the Orca with the FSC30 that I wanted more than just earplugs. I’ve fired a wide variety of weapons, including some that are much larger than 7.62x51mm, and have never wanted double hearing protection as much as I did when I fired these two cannons.

Here is a comparison with the SCAR-17S (both weapons equipped with FSC30).



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5 responses to “Bushmaster .308 ORC – A2 vs. PWS FSC30 (Now Longer and With More SCAR)

  1. Ferris2son

    AT – I find it hard to comprehend the comparison with one view. Can you loop those videos 4 or 5 reps so an old man can figure them out?

  2. bill

    I have several brakes on my AR15s including the FSC 556. In my experience, not only is the sound “louder” than normal, the side/rear concussive feeling is memorable to observers.

    Of course these aren’t in your .308s like you’re testing. I imagine it’s a bit more notable.

  3. Mike W

    It looks like a left handed user of the SCAR would get tagged in the face by the shell. Is that real, or just the impression from this angle of video? Is that you in both vids?

  4. Redchrome

    It looks like there’s more muzzle flip on the SCAR 17S compared to the ORC.

    Do you think this is due to the piston drive/shape of the bolt carrier’s reciprocating mass on the SCAR?
    Due to the shooter not being as familiar with the SCAR and holding it differently?
    Due to the shape of the stock causing it to be held differently?
    Illusion of my eyes?
    Combination of the above factors?

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