Sabre Defence Bankruptcy?

Rumors are swirling about a possible Sabre Defence bankruptcy. It’s not exactly “new news,” since they were sued by a creditor last month, but the rumors seem to have solidified into something more lately. I still hope they’re wrong – Sabre makes a pretty decent product – but if they’re true, this could be an early signal, along with the essential elimination of Bushmaster in all but name, that the AR-15 industry is entering a period of serious adjustment.

While the eventual winner may be the consumer, who will hopefully receive a higher quality product at a lower price as companies fight for sales, it’s going to, for lack of a better term, suck for the companies (and their employees) that end up consolidating and/or going out of business.



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12 responses to “Sabre Defence Bankruptcy?

  1. Zef

    Interesting, didn’t Sabre just get a contract to build M16’s for the military. I’m assuming they’ll finish that production run…

  2. Scott

    Rumor floating around Tallahassee is they’re going to be acquired by Dunder-Mifflin.

  3. Arcane

    I hope that Cerberus gets rid of either Bushmaster or DPMS – it’s silly to have two companies that produce crummy AR-15s. They need to consolidate and use their resources to build better weapons under one brand or the other.

    I doubt Bushmaster is gone because they closed one factory. Every claimed that Marlin was going to disappear, too, yet it’s still around.

    • Bill

      A possible scenario is that they will consolidate their brands but still segmenting the market to entry, mid-tier and premium brands. They have to get a piece of every segment. Not everyone will buy high end and the needs of the entry shooter and the premium shooter differ. Price sensitivity and willingness to pay will always be in the forefront of marketing….

  4. Leethar

    I sure hope we don’t start losing a lot of our smaller yet excellent AR companies like Noveske.

  5. Ric

    I think that we are starting to see some builders become victims of the drop off in AR sales. I hate to see Sabre go because they have a good reputation for quality, but the market, especially in the top tier manufactures, can not support the number of companies out there doing the same thing.

    The Bushmaster/DPMS situation is another example. I would like to see Cerberus combine all of their AR builders into one strong company and concentrate on quality.

  6. Doc Bob

    DPMS, Bushmaster, Olympic Arms? These were the only companies that would sell you lower receivers and parts 20 years ago. Now these names are associated with a perception of a broken down Yugo. With the internet available to spread lies effectively and quickly about quality of the “Old Geezers,” the boutique shops are now having a field day with your wallet.

    When the price is right all of the new “Zombie Fixation” shops will be selling out to the big corporate bank roll as well… Then one large lawsuit and a liberal Supreme Court will bring all of it tumbling down.

    • Zef

      Nothing wrong with a stripped DPMS lower!

      (just don’t get the matching upper, lol)

    • Arcane

      Sorry, dude, it’s not a lie that Bushmaster, DPMS, and Olympic build complete crap when it comes to firearms. The quality just isn’t there. Once upon a time Bushmaster made good firearms (I saw a Bushy from 1998 that had a full-auto bolt group, H-buffer, mil-spec receiver extension, etc.), but not anymore.

      • Doc Bob

        Wenn Sie gleiche Luge immer wieder wiederholen, wird es bald die Wahrheit!

        I have been buying from all of the above for 20 years, and have seen nothing that would indicate the reputation that they have been burdened with. Its freaking character assassination via the internet of the highest order.

  7. rfs

    The consumer benefits whenever there are many companies competing against each other on features, performance and price.

    Competition is reduced when companies leave the market.

    Price increases when the capacity to produce decreases.

  8. texan

    The economy and slow down in certain classes of firearm’s sales will continue to take its toll on the industry and 2011 will surely be a year that will see many companies being bought or close down.

    DPMS has done very well sales wise with their LR rifles and Bushmaster has their products so keeping the brands and consolidating operations (inventory, assembly and distribution) into one facility that is shared with Remington makes business sense.

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