Troy Industries Customer Service Update

Many months ago, I wrote about a problem I had with Troy customer service – that they wouldn’t repair a TRX Extreme handguard because I was not the original purchaser.

Well, some folks at Troy saw that earlier this month, and since the people who had handled my issue are apparently no longer working customer service, I was emailed a UPS tag and asked to return the handguard. Only a few weeks later, it was back on my doorstep, looking like new – very impressive, considering the holidays. My hat is off to Troy – for both their response to me and for improving their customer service department.



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5 responses to “Troy Industries Customer Service Update

  1. Charles

    You may have finally gotten attention because you have a high profile blog with a lot of readers. I wonder if they would have fixed the issue for an average joe.

    • I could have taken a walk or a ride over to Troy for ya… they are located about 1 mile from my home.. 10 minutes to S&W, 20 Minutes to YHM, 25 minutes to Colt, 15 minutes to Savage…. etc… 🙂

    • That’s possible, but they do have new CS people, and I do think they really wanted to improve things. I could hear the frustration in the guy’s voice when he discussed the people who used to handle those issues.

      By the way, thanks for the compliment on the blog.

  2. Bill

    I am in agreement with Charles. The fact that you operate a blog does help your cause. Still, happy to hear that all ended well and that Troy has reinvigorated their CS approach.

    As an average Joe, I had issues with my Troy BUIS about a year and a half ago. I sent videos to customer service and they sent me some replacement parts and said that if that didn’t work, I could send the part to them to look at.

  3. As a dealer, my experience with Troy CS has been excellent. I have little doubt that if the rail had come into the shop, I coulda called Troy and they’d have made it right. They’ve been great to deal with for us for years now. In this case, they did what I would have expected them to do. Its a shame that it had to happen the way it did, but the point is that Troy made it right.

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