Spike’s Tactical RFR Review



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7 responses to “Spike’s Tactical RFR Review

  1. Bill

    Interesting 🙂

  2. Ferris2son

    NICE> is that BCG heavier? What are you running in the buffer tube? Accuracy?

    • Standard full auto BCG (11.5oz), ST-T2 buffer and stock carbine action spring.

      Have only shot it to 200 yards, informally, so no concrete accuracy report yet. I have noticed that it holds very tight groups from standing/sitting/kneeling positions at extended ranges.

  3. Justin

    I can’t find this rifle on Spike’s website. Is it available yet and what is the pricepoint like?

  4. Brian

    This is a made up riffle that he put together using some of spikes parts so I have no idea what the point of this is I mean it’s a kick a$$ AR and
    I have built ones just like it with a few different parts but the billet lower and upper are real nice and there BAR rail is great and light and there Nickle broon BCG is great to. We’ll if you wanna make your own ar start with spikes billet upper and lower later all.

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