The AR-15 is Good…and a Good AR-15 is Better



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9 responses to “The AR-15 is Good…and a Good AR-15 is Better

  1. Zef

    Great Vid, put it on my FB, thanks!

  2. Redchrome

    Great video! Covers lots of great points with enough detail to make things clear; but not so much that the viewer gets overloaded.

    Looking forward to the next videos. Have fun at SHOT!

  3. Gary Foster

    Interesting. I wish you could have posted all three now. Waiting is no fun.
    Being a lefty, I think a Stag is in my future. I have never owned a AR-15 yet and it looks like I might need one soon. That is, if I am not homeless later this year.

  4. Dan

    Excellent video. I’m not as well-versed with the AR as I’d like, so can’t wait for the next ones.

  5. Bill

    Great topics. Using video covers more ground than pure text. I also will use this to educate friends who are considering ARs.

  6. Aaron


  7. Aaron

    I’m hoping that at the end of the 3 vid series you’ll give examples of good buffers and matched springs as well as port sizes. Maybe even divide them up for M4 type, Middy, and Full size?

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