SHOT 2011 – Tuesday Afternoon

The most exciting thing I have seen so far.

Other notable items:

– Colt’s modular .308 rifle will be available to the civilian market in June.

– Sig is reintroducing the P210, a model called the “P210 Legend.”

– Vltor is making their own lower receivers, marked Vltor, with a new (large) magazine release design, as well as a CASV (sort of) for the SCAR.

– FN has new stuff that I couldn’t photograph.

– The HK MR556 will be shipping next week.



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8 responses to “SHOT 2011 – Tuesday Afternoon

  1. Chris

    So many cool new toys, so little money…

    I believe a new magazine from Lancer will be out soon as well; the Warfighter. They come in different colors. I may have to replace all my other mags with them…

  2. Arcane

    Can you get pictures of the new VLTOR lower, along with the ambi offerings from AXTS and S&W?

    Also, any pics of the ACR from both Bushmaster and Remington, with special emphasis on the differences?

  3. TGM

    Any details on what FNH-USA was showing at their booth?

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