More SHOT Videos

Will update this post as they upload. More will be added in the future.



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5 responses to “More SHOT Videos

  1. Jeremy

    Great videos, thanks for posting! Once suggestion for presenters at SHOT show: Never, ever, end your presentation with: “That’s pretty much it”. I think at least three of the presenters above ended that way. Is that the impression they want us to walk away with? That’s pretty much it?

    Anyway, great job Vuurwapenblog!

  2. Thanks. Well, I did kind of put them on the spot – I didn’t notice many rehearsed speeches. So it’s understandable for them to hesitate, not have a good closing line, etc. You should see how many takes I have sometimes…

    • Jeremy

      You’re right. I guess a closing line might sound canned and insincere anyway.

      Thanks again, I am a new follower of your blog, and really enjoy it.

  3. ZM

    Great vids, funny to see Lav in the back ground on one, later!

  4. Jim S.

    It seems everyone has come out with a similar sling design this year, lol. I should have moved faster with the patent.

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