The Best $100 I Have Ever Spent

I have purchased a lot of things that have been exceptionally useful. Some of them have been expensive, and some of them have been cheap. $100 is a decent amount of money, but well within the price range of many shooters out there.

So, what is it? A muzzle device? A 60 round magazine? A vertical grip? A holster?

No, it’s a camera.

The Casio Exilim EX-FS10, to be exact.

All of the high speed video on this blog, as well as almost all of the HD video (with the exception of SHOT video), and many of the still images were shot with this camera, which is currently available for $90 on Amazon.

“But hey,” you say. “I don’t want to start a blog. Why would I need to buy this camera?”

Even if I had never made a single blog post, this camera would have been worth its weight in gold to me. I have been able to analyze (and improve) my own shooting, discover exactly how my weapons malfunction, and help countless shooters at the range with their own training or equipment issues, by being able to show them what’s going wrong in slow motion.

It’s been pretty durable, too – the scratches on the side are from when the (poorly secured) camera flew off the hood of my Jeep while I was practicing shooting from a moving vehicle.

It’s small enough and light enough to fit in any pocket – meaning that I can take it anywhere – and its reliability has meant that when my DSLRs failed, I still had something to shoot with.

As a run of the mill point and shoot camera, it is outclassed by many other products. The high speed functions, though, make it uniquely useful to shooters and possibly to other professions/hobbies/sports as well.

It can take decent photos – it just requires a little more concentration and effort than “better” point and shoot cameras or DSLRs.

Whether you’re in the market for a digital camera or not, the extra features of the Casio EX-F line of cameras should really interest many shooters, hunters, law enforcement, and military personnel.



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4 responses to “The Best $100 I Have Ever Spent

  1. Redchrome

    Thanks for the tip. I thought you were using something much more exotic camera-wise to do the high-speed video capture.

  2. Ric

    Thanks for the review. I use a Sony Alpha for my work but I have been considering a point and shoot for some things so your review is very timely.

  3. Boss Hogg

    That’s very kind of you to divulge this.
    What have you found the minimum FPS to be to capture/detect bolt bounce?

  4. JamesF

    The EX-F line are indeed great cameras.

    I have an EX-FH25. It’s in the “super-zoom” market niche, but it has the one thing the others don’t: high speed video.

    The high-speed video is marvelous. I think it’s down to around $280 if you’re looking to upgrade…

    It also takes pretty good stills when you play around with the manual settings, see here. Of course, a DSLR will beat it every time, but I’ve yet to find a better overall camera in the price range.

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