You Guessed It… More SHOT Videos

Let’s hope that “modern improvements” does not mean “we screwed it up.”

Closeup of the LaRue PredatAR rail.



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3 responses to “You Guessed It… More SHOT Videos

  1. David P

    Never even heard of the P210 until now. The slide design reminds me of a CZ.

  2. Bill

    Man that is an interesting Seekings Precision approach. Many innovative and similar approaches in new rail systems these days. Haven’t seen SAR until now. Spikes advocates have been waiting apparently for this. Weight categories comparable to DD, Troy TRX Extreme or Samson Evolution?

    A compliment: You do a good job in pointing out non-mainstream features that aficionados only care about. Good job and I bet some of the reps appreciate those fine details rather than repeating the same speech over and over again to the mainstream SHOT walkers.

  3. CC19

    I had a Sig 556. They should have just brought the Swiss design over, but instead, AR-ified it. Oh, look! The P210 re-release has been altered as well. *rolls eyes*

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