Vltor A5 Stock System Followup


After 4 months with the Vltor A5, I have found that it just works – with everything. Every possible 5.56mm upper, and many other calibers, have been tested with the A5, and the results are always more than satisfactory. It builds on the reliability of the rifle buffer system while expanding the length of pull range of the traditional collapsible stock system. In addition, it offers increased durability when longer stocks such as the Vltor EMod or Magpul ACS are used.



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11 responses to “Vltor A5 Stock System Followup

  1. Fred

    I’m going to put together a rifle length with A2 stock, what is the best buffer to use with this setup?

  2. Terry

    can this set up be used with any collapsible stock, i.e. a Magpul CTR, an IMod etc.. ?
    If so does it take Milspec or commercial stocks?

  3. John Jackson

    Thanks for an interesting and informative review. Am I correct that the essential components are the A5 receiver extension, action spring and buffer?

  4. Terry

    Would it be fair to say that at the seventh position and a stock shorter than an EMod (such as an IMod or CTR) the whole stock is in effect one position further out than it would be on a regular M4?
    I’m thinking of setting up a midlength for my next “all purpose” rifle and the A5 system sounds like a good way to make an already very reliable system even more so but I don’t want the length of pull to get too long.

  5. Terry

    Don’t mean to pile on but since this is an extremely interesting development, more questions come to me as I think about it.
    This one is about the different buffers.
    Am I correct in understanding that the regular buffer is to enable the use of weaker ammo and/or an overgassed gun as well as regular ammo while the H3 buffer is better for a regular diet of 5,56 pressure ammo?

    I’m not quite clear on what the H4 buffer is for; maybe suppressor use?

    • I believe that both the H3 and H4 were intended for overgassed carbines and/or piston ARs. The standard buffer should be sufficient for everything else, even a “normally gassed” suppressed AR.

      I could be wrong.

  6. Boss Hogg

    I’ve used the H3 (6 oz) buffer in several 14.5″ and 16″ midlengths with no problems with the A5 system.

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