I served in the US Navy as a Hospital Corpsman. I was first in my class at Hospital Corps School and given my choice of assignments. I selected First Marine Division and was sent to the 5th Marine Regiment after Field Medical Service School (FMSS).  From there, I was assigned to the regimental commander’s PSD platoon. I deployed once, to Fallujah, Iraq, and spent 11 months there.

During my time in the military I attended the  EMP/Gunfighter “Instructor” course and sent countless thousands of rounds downrange with my M4 carbine and M9 pistol. EMP/Gunfighter was a program devised by Pat Rogers for the USMC, intended to provide carbine course type training to deploying units. I also became intimately familiar with the M249 SAW and carried, fired, or blew up buses with the M203, M32 MGL, M240G, M2, and MK19.

On the civilian side, I’ve attended courses by Pat Rogers and Larry Vickers, and I continue to shoot approximately 800-1000 rounds per week.

After I was honorably discharged, I returned to finish my Bachelor’s degree at the University of Arizona.

Anyone interested in contacting me may do so via email at vuurwapenblog@gmail.com.

NOTE: Any comments on this blog must be posted with a valid email address. “Hit and run” attacks will not be allowed, and comments without valid email addresses will be deleted.


22 responses to “About

  1. Mike W

    You left out that you’re a cool guy with a good sense of humor and isn’t full of shit, that has to count for something, right?

  2. Great blog, keep up the good work, I’m looking forward to future posts.

  3. Hey Brother, I follow your posts on arfcom and enjoyed reading more here on your blog. If you are ever in Ohio, contact me and I’ll buy you a beer.

  4. DLaw

    Excellent blog brother..

    Still owe ya a cold beverage when you head up this way.

  5. armednhappy

    Great blog… it’s refreshing to hear an opinion that is validated by fact and experience. I may or may not agree with everything you post, but you always have first hand experience and an honest approach to your opinions. Look forward to more…

  6. K.

    Fellow Arfcomer here. nice blog, the pics of the production process was nice to look over. Good reading. Keep it up.

  7. charlie

    Thanks for serving our country- like your writeups and thoughts- could you tell the type of upper that is pictured on the the top of the page- Thanks, Charlie

    • Andrew (Vuurwapen Admin)

      Sorry, I missed this comment. At the time you posted this, I believe the upper at the top of the page was a BCM 14.5″ Midlength. Thanks.

  8. Chris (CJan_NH)

    Great info here GN! You’ve obviously put a lot of time and effort into this site, and it shows. Keep up the good work-this industry needs more honest voices, so consider this a TAG 🙂

    I’m looking forward to checking back often.

  9. Ok, with a name like 87GN… you’ve caught my attention… does that have anything to do with a 1987 Buick Grand National…..

  10. mark

    This is the ONLY blog I read online! Former USMC and PSD and arfcommer myself. Keep up the great work!

  11. Aaron

    You should totally end the About page with “My name is Andrew, and I am Vuurwapenblog.”

  12. Anton

    Dear Admin,

    Why the Dutch word for firearm?


    A Dutch Anton

  13. Ferret

    What is your AR15.com screen name? Is Andrew the same guy who makes the youtube videos? Thanks.

  14. Zef

    Have you Looked at any AR10 platforms?


  15. Lionel Roach

    On you You Tube on the 15-22 with the YHM Mite suppressor, how long are the threads. Iam waiting on my returned paperork and need to get my barrel threaded. Appreciate your information.

  16. MDV

    If you are looking to do further testing / comparison on NiB (nickel boron), nickel teflon, zinc nickel or FNC we are the only ones that do them all and can set you up. AR’s, 1911 what ever, there are a battery of comparisons you can do. Now that said my experience with NiB show it out performs all other coatings if done correctly.

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