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Hughes Amendment Vote Video

Charlie Rangel apparently thinks it’s a Home Depot commercial…stop hammering, Charlie!



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I don’t even have time to take a halfway decent picture…I’m off to the range! Some of my friend Kristofer Gulbrandsen’s hard work has finally paid off.

Edit – back from the range – it works! More video to come.


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You Guessed It… More SHOT Videos

Let’s hope that “modern improvements” does not mean “we screwed it up.”

Closeup of the LaRue PredatAR rail.


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More SHOT Videos

Will update this post as they upload. More will be added in the future.


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SHOT 2011 Photos/Video

A few, anyway.

Vltor lower receiver

Is that a LaRue part number on that suppressor? I believe it is…


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Shot – Wednesday

LaRue Tactical is coming out with the PredatAR, in both 5.56 and 7.62. It features a standard height upper rail and a lightweight barrel. It lacks the PST of the standard OBR. The price for the 7.62 version will be $2,500.

Colt’s new 901, a modular 7.62×51 weapon, will sell for “under $10,000” according to a senior official.

The Glock beavertail will be sold separately as an accessory for the Gen 4 Glocks.

Ruger is coming out with a 22/45 that has a threaded barrel and picatinny rails on the top and bottom, as well as a Scout configuration bolt rifle.

LWRC has a new 6.8 mag, in polymer, that requires the use of a new upper and lower receiver.

Midwest Industries is coming out with a lightweight drop in quad rail for ARs.

Colt will be selling the Rail Gun in carbon steel.

HK will be selling a 9x19mm XM25 to the civilian market… Just kidding.

Elzetta has a new and pretty innovative tapeswitch.

Kimber introduced an all-steel pocket 9.

Trijicon is bringing the crosshair reticle to the TA33, along with high visibility night sights and an adjustable brightness RMR.
My feet hurt.

Taurus brought ridiculousness to a new level with the 28 gauge Raging Judge.

Smith & Wesson’s Governor is a 6 shot revolver that fires 45 ACP with moon clips as well as 45 Colt and .410.


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SHOT 2011 – Tuesday Afternoon

The most exciting thing I have seen so far.

Other notable items:

– Colt’s modular .308 rifle will be available to the civilian market in June.

– Sig is reintroducing the P210, a model called the “P210 Legend.”

– Vltor is making their own lower receivers, marked Vltor, with a new (large) magazine release design, as well as a CASV (sort of) for the SCAR.

– FN has new stuff that I couldn’t photograph.

– The HK MR556 will be shipping next week.


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