You will find many products on this blog that I recommend or like.

I feel that certain products, though, have such a basic and wide appeal that I’ll back them with my own money.

If you buy a Bravo Company MFG Gunfighter AR-15 charging handle because of a recommendation I made, and do not like it, I will buy it from you for the BCM retail price of $44.95.

The same goes for the Spike’s Tactical Battle Trigger (nickel boron plated AR-15 fire control group, $59.95).

Now, there are some limitations, because I wouldn’t put it past some people to take advantage of this. I’ll only buy one of each from you, and I must receive the item and inspect it prior to sending you a check – if the item is incomplete or damaged, you’ll have to take it up with the manufacturer. As for buying the item based on my recommendation, that’ll be on the honor system.

I should say that I’ve put out this offer regarding the BCM Gunfighter charging handle in various threads on for close to 6 months now, and I’ve yet to be contacted by anyone about it. I think the Spike’s nickel boron trigger group will have a similar reception.


8 responses to “Guarantee

  1. Mike

    I have been reading your blog and posts on for MONTHS. I always enjoy your write ups and “demolition expos.” I too LOVE the BCM GunFighters and have them on all 4 of my uppers. I took your word for it and went ahead and ordered a Spikes enhanced LPK with the nickel boron trigger. They are OUT OF STOCK so I will have to wait a couple weeks for it to arrive, but I am sure it will be as good as you promise.

  2. Chris

    I have a question about Spikes I would like to ask you. Could you shoot me an email?

  3. Brian

    I enjoy all the info you pass on here and on arfcom. I also have a question. Is the charging handle pictured above the medium latch or the small? Thanks.

  4. Andrew, any thoughts on the pre production Gunfighter handle I saw today at the Bravo website? 24.95 seems like a steal. I know they state it is just for train purposes but I have to think my 2 Spikes ST-22’s would be perfect for them.

  5. Phil

    I already own a Gunfighter Charging Handle, and just ordered a Spikes’ Battle Trigger. Great tech blog, keep up the good work!

  6. Phil

    Also, in terms of the “For Training Use Only” Gunfighter CHs, there is a LOT more metal in between the pin and the edge than I was lead to believe. This thing is solid as hell, and I give it a lot of trust.

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