Sig P226 X-Five Tactical: Short Attention Span Review

Again, new video format. Will supplant, not replace, older style videos if it is well received. The goal is to create a descriptive 1 to 2 minute video on a firearm or accessory.



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6 responses to “Sig P226 X-Five Tactical: Short Attention Span Review

  1. Mark

    The one weakness of the X5 series is the crummy internal extractor. My X5 Allround fails to extract 2 to 5 times per 100 rounds. Both my 226 Elites (with pivoting extractor) have never failed to extract in thousands of rounds. I’ll probably unload the Allround and not buy another X5 until SIG goes with a pivoting extractor. Sad because the X5 series kicks ass otherwise.

  2. Redchrome

    Very nice video, but too short! 🙂

  3. Blake Sobiloff

    Nice, but at $1,300 what does it offer over a Springfield TRP?

    • If you’ve got the money to spend and you are considering a 1911, you’ll probably buy a 1911. If you’re not looking for a 1911…you’ll probably not buy a 1911.

      They are different animals, one high capacity, one comparably low capacity, one 9mm, the other .45, one German, the other American (mostly).

      They do have some similarities – night sights, accessory rails (optional on the TRP), checkering, ambidextrous safeties, etc.

      But the differences are great enough that, to me, the X-Five stands apart from the competition, just as a nice 1911 clone (such as the TRP) does.

      There are days when 8+1 of .45ACP is what I want – and there are days when 17+1 of 9mm is what I want. I would much rather have a good 1911 than a P220 for the former, and I would much rather have the X-Five than a double stack 1911 for the latter.

      If that answers your question at all…

  4. Bill

    I would really like one of these, I have a P226R and it’s been incredible. But I love SA 1911’s, I also love high capacity of 9mm. The 226X seems like the best of both worlds. If I had $1,300 I would pick one up!

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